Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silence of the lamb-wooly puppy!

Zeus has become enamored with his own voice. He barks at the cats, at us, and at anyone or anything that passes by. He isn't a continual barker, but his bark is so percussive that it cuts up our peace instantly. We've obtained a "petsafe, antibark collar" and Zeus has worn it last night and today. It is not left on him when we aren't around, nor is it on him when outside. It provides a mild electrical shock to him when he barks. This appears to be working extremely well. He seldom goes beyond a single bark now; and as his barking usually accompanies unwanted excited behavior he receives a "correction" for both actions. He is still playful, happy, and comfortable... but his occassional barks are now short lived. I would prefer not to have to use such methods; but as my own nerves and comfort should be considered in addition to being humane to my pets, the collar is the best choice.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My dog is my copilot!

Well, not in "life", that's reserved for The Wife, but he does enjoy being my navigator when running errands. I generally take him about with me to the dump, the farmer's stand, and other quick stops where he can either get out with me or won't be in the car longer than a couple minutes.

Zeus rides in the car extremely well. He is behaved, calm, and happy. I am glad we have worked to take him as many places as possible in the car (not just the vet) so that it is a "normal" thing for him. He does get a bit "barky" if I get out of sight of him while at a location and he's left in the car, but that's to be expected.

He is also so very well behaved (usually) when we do get to the farm stand and such that most people truly enjoy having him show up!