Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silence of the lamb-wooly puppy!

Zeus has become enamored with his own voice. He barks at the cats, at us, and at anyone or anything that passes by. He isn't a continual barker, but his bark is so percussive that it cuts up our peace instantly. We've obtained a "petsafe, antibark collar" and Zeus has worn it last night and today. It is not left on him when we aren't around, nor is it on him when outside. It provides a mild electrical shock to him when he barks. This appears to be working extremely well. He seldom goes beyond a single bark now; and as his barking usually accompanies unwanted excited behavior he receives a "correction" for both actions. He is still playful, happy, and comfortable... but his occassional barks are now short lived. I would prefer not to have to use such methods; but as my own nerves and comfort should be considered in addition to being humane to my pets, the collar is the best choice.


  1. I must admit it does sound a bit cruel to me. But then again, on the other hand, he could have much worse experiences:

    See ya (metaphorically speaking), Rien.

  2. Fortunately, only a few uses and he has cut back on his barking... we now only put it on him when he gets over excited for an extended period -- which may happen only once or twice a week.

    so, in truth, he doesn't get shocked more than a couple times a week.