Monday, January 10, 2011

Puppy in Snow!

But of course we'd have 5-6 inches of snow within the first week of our bringing Zeus... still not having "the walk" down, nor house training completed, we must suddenly face weather that confuses and beguiles the puppy. Yay, Universe! Thy sense of humor is most sadistic!

Actually, Zeus has done fairly well... the hardest part of the snow walking and pottying is that the kids playing outside are screaming and distracting and the people driving are scary as hell (very few people in South Carolina can manage intelligent driving on snow and ice). We cleared an area to the left of the driveway where he normally pees per the suggestion of our friend Lori, and Zeus has used that spot all day.

Walks are somewhat out of the question... it was never over 29 degrees F today, and the poor little guy ended up shivvering any time we went for a walk. (it is a very wet snow, and been sleeting all day)

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  1. My mom had a standard poodle who migrated from Florida. She was 2 when she arrived in Canada. Here first snow fall was hilarious. She stood at the garage door trying to build up the courage to put a paw in, only to pull it back at the last moment, to try to build up the courage again, only to chicken out, over and over. Once she finally ventured outside (I think she had too pee too badly), she loved it. By the time she came in we had a white poodle instead of a black one! Everytime she went out in snow from that day forward, she walked out the door and rolled.