Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Test of the Poodle

So far, in 3 1/2 days, I've loved, hated, worried about, regretted, adored, fawned over and despaired over our new puppy. Apparently this is all quite normal, analogous to having a new baby, in that suddenly there are a lot of demands being made by a small, cute, inarticulate but VERY vocal small creature that requires I obey its demands or it will shit and pee on all I own.

This makes for a complicated emotional mix.

So far, I have neither flung myself from a rooftop or made cute little black fur slippers. This bodes well for all concerned. However, I'd forgotten just how testing a new puppy can be, as it has been several years since I had an actual baby dog and the ones I had were outdoor-only (by parental decree). So, housebreaking is a bit new to me.

Also, we have stairs and the puppy's sleeping and eating spot are on the second floor. Zeus, with his demitasse cup sized bladder, must go outside about every 1/2 hour (while he's awake and active, at least). I am very tired, but I look forward to FABULOUS glutes in a few weeks.

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