Monday, January 3, 2011

Puppy Saves Neighborhood from Fire!

Sunday evening, Zeus, our new puppy, prevented what might have been a disaster at our neighborhood. Apparently there was a short at the top of one of the power poles that was arcing into the wood and started a small fire at the top of the pole. It couldn't be seen easily as it was very small (but growing). Because I walked the puppy under the power pole, the puppy was immediately attracted to the interesting charred, glowing embers on the ground. At first I thought it was a lit cigarette someone had thrown out the car window, so I stamped it out before the little boy could get his mouth on it... but it didn't "feel" like a cigarette -- so I looked up and thought, "There shouldn't be a soft red, flickering glow at the top of that power pole."

I called the power company and they are out there now repairing the pole... had to shut off power to the neighborhood so they could safely work on the pole... and now the fire is much larger than it had been when I first walked the dog there.

So our puppy is a bonified hero (sorta)! :)

PS. if you're wondering how I can be posting this while the power is off in our neighborhood... we have a UPS on our router and cable modem... so we have about an hour of connectivity before we lose our "wired" connnection to the internet (the cell phones can still get one regardless)

PPS. discovered the fire was started by an unfortunate squirl who unwittingly became the "ground" for from the power wire to the pole -- poor squirl!

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