Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loose Leash Training

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Last night the new training we were given for the week was "Loose Leash Training". This involves walking with a large quantity of tiny treats, your hand down so that your puppy is nibbling at your fingers while walking beside you. If you can keep his attention on the reward, he doesn't bound about. Eventually, you can use fewer and fewer incentives until just walking with you calmly is incentive enough.

I tried it today on our morning walk. Zeus was fairly receptive to this technique (he is very food motivated). 80% of the walk went very well, though did make the tips of my fingers sore (those baby teeth are sharp). That last 20% (as it was mostly at the end) was not so successful, but for 8/10ths of a mile the boy was very well behaved and pulled very infrequently.

I am encouraged!

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