Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Zeus is finally learning the subtle secrets of "the walk" -- that is, he gets a lot farther if he isn't spinning, pulling, darting off, turning around, crossing in front of me, lagging behind me, and in general not acting like a wild animal. The secret? Clicker and a pocket full of tiny treats. Oh, the difference a treat makes!

He is still a crazy dog going in and out of the house. Yesterday he half-pulled me down the stairs, much to the detriment of my knee, but we are beginning to work on that. We've had two long walks now that went fairly well, so he's catching on. In a month or so, I think he will be a pleasure to walk. We have to try it in different areas -- we have one local neighborhood that we are using which provides about a mile of walking (about all I can currently stand, and just about enough for the beast). Dogs being dogs, however, it takes them a while to connect the dots that rules for walking in one place are rules for walking in ALL places.

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